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Yoga: It’s not just for girls!

by | May 2, 2016 | No Comments

As a student and teacher of yoga I am always curious about the imbalance of women to men that occupy group yoga classes. Many of my female students bemoan the lack of interest on the part of their husbands/boyfriends/sons in regards to yoga citing "they think it is just for girls". Indeed, our co-founder Walter P. Thomas also believed yoga to be only for the fairer sex until he discovered that yoga held the potential to rehabilitate his sports-related injuries. Yoga does not discriminate by gender, age or race, it is for everyone! Yoga will deliver incredible benefits to the men in your life. Here is a short list of what the men in your life can expect upon taking a few classes:

  1. Increased mental clarity;
  2. Stress reduction by improved breathing;
  3. Improvement in muscular tone;
  4. Enhanced flexibility -- particularly important for "gym rats" or very active fellows;

It is also noteworthy that if you are a single fellow interested in meeting women who prioritize self care and personal well-being, you can't do better than your local yoga studio! So if you are a man who is on the fence for yoga, watch this quick video for inspiration from Josh Blatter, one of our instructors who just like you, was hesitant to try yoga.

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