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Private Instruction

Whether you are new to yoga,  or have been practicing regularly, private instruction is the best way to achieve your goals through an individually tailored program.  In a typical session, your personal alignment and anatomy are evaluated through personalized body assessment.  Through the coupling of these observations with yoga asana and therapeutic methods, you will be given personalized instruction  that will give you a strong foundation for building strength, body awareness, focus and serenity.  Lora's unique background in human anatomy, physiology,  functional movement and yoga methodologies will guarantee that your session will give you techniques for achieving your goals, and will educate you in the areas that interest you most, whether it is yoga asana, meditation, breathing techniques or living yoga off the mat.  

If you have specific limitations or areas of concern, Lora can tailor a yoga program for you.  Areas of expertise include students with scoliosis, rehabilitation from hip replacement surgeries, knee and shoulder surgeries, post-natal recovery, and more challenging diagnoses such as scoliosis and spinal stenosis.  

Benefits of Private Instruction include and are not limited to:

  • Understanding your anatomy to identify functional movement patterns (such as walking,  posture, work related repetitive stress etc) that can be modified to optimize your well being and flexibility;
  • Using your body assessment to understand what you are feeling in typical yoga poses, and how to improve muscular engagement and create spinal decompression;
  • The ability to work directly on methods to minimize stress, to improve sleep patterns, reduce/eliminate pain in the body or modify lifestyle for weight reduction;
  • Develop a routine of yoga possess to improve your athletic performance (in sports such as surfing, running, cycling, tennis, golfing, skiing/snowboarding and climbing etc.);
  • Understanding how to safely engage your body for poses such as inversions and arm balances;
  • Learn simple and sustainable meditation techniques;
  • Receive advice on living yoga off the mat, nutrition counseling and enhance wellness;
  • Private instruction can minimize the fear of taking group classes if you are newer to yoga;
  • Enjoy the flexibility of scheduling your session to accommodate your busy day.

Sessions are 60 minutes with Lora Heiner.  For a single session follow this link:

For multiple sessions at a discount, or to book sessions with more than two people, including corporate sessions please call the studio for a personalized quote at (858) 480-YOGA


"Regaining flexibility with strength is fundamentally important to the life I want to live. That is what took me to Lora, who worked with me to do a number of poses and stretches to help me achieve my goals. Those modifications enable me to take her regular classes as well as those taught by her team of instructors. Lora has the best mind, way of practically applying her thoughts, and way about her of anyone I have ever worked with. I am way better off as a direct result of working with her. My experience says give Lora a try. Listen to her, and try your best to do what she recommends. She will modify things along the way as you work together."  Marty S, Solana Beach

"I decided to work with Lora in private sessions because I wanted to learn to do a handstand. At the time, I had no idea what is meant to do handstands but I trusted she would understand how to guide me through this intimidating request. I had to both overcome my mental fears and build my technique. But several sessions with her, I started doing handstands!!! I couldn't believe it. They weren't be most amazing ones but they were mine and proof that even the things that seem impossible aren't. I'll always be grateful to Lora for helping me believe in myself and my practice because it gives me the courage to try everyday."  Vinita K, San Diego

"If you have any thought of some personal coaching for your practice, do not hesitate to set up a few sessions with Lora Heiner.  Lora has an amazing knowledge of anatomy and especially functional anatomy and uses this knowledge effectively in both practice and teaching.  My experience was that I went in hoping to get some specific coaching on a few asanas that I was struggling with.  I got that for sure, and more. I also got a subtle shift in my perspective and attitude.  This one-on-one time turned out to be a catalyst for integrating yoga practice and spirituality into my life and not just as an activity."  Randall E., Del Mar



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